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What Is The Difference Between 75 Ball And 90 Ball Bingo?

The reason bingo is such a sought after game is possibly because it is so easy to play.  All ages enjoy such a game and more and more are choosing to play it online.


Bingo entertains many gaming fanatics today and it will more than likely continue to do so for years to come.  This sudden growth is mainly due to its transition to the World Wide Web.  Online gamers have welcomed the game of bingo with open arms and as such it has received a tremendous response from many.


The main difference between 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo is the numbers involved.  75 ball bingo uses 25-balls, all of which have been arranged in 5 vertical and 5 horizontal rows, whilst 90-ball bingo uses numbers arranged in 9 columns and 3 rows.


Both versions are very popular and many bingo fans play each version on a daily basis.  The World Wide Web has certainly opened many doors when doors when it comes to the game of bingo.  Players that are unable to get to a bingo hall can quite simply play from the comfort of their own home.


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90-ball bingo includes rows that revolve around 5 squares, all of which feature numbers from 1 to 90.  The balance squares appear blank.


The main aspects of 90-ball bingo are the many prizes on offer.  Players that complete one horizontal line will receive a prize, and players that fill one vertical line will also receive a prize.  The jackpot is however won by the player who marks off every number on the card; this is known as a full house.

In order to win in 70-ball bingo, players must mark off the given numbers in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.  The first player to receive any one of these combinations wins the round.

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Blackjack Table and Odds

The Blackjack Table

The blackjack table is a semi-oval shape. At the flat end of the half oval the shoe will be placed. This holds the cards that will be used in the game and will typically hold between one and six decks, but can hold as many as eight. On the table you will find the minimum and maximum bets for the game, the payouts for insurance bets and blackjack and the basic house rules of when the dealer must hit and stand. Around the curved side of the oval will be squares in which the players will hold their cards.


Dealer and Player Positions around the Table

The dealer will be located behind the flat end of the half oval and the players will be seated around the round side of the oval in front of one of the marked sections on the table. Blackjack tables typically have 5 to seven spaces for players. The seat to the dealer’s immediate left is known as first base as this is the player to play first and the player seated to the dealer’s immediate right is known as third base and this is the player who plays last.


Odds in the Game

The house edge in a game of blackjack is as high as 5.5%, but by playing with optimal strategy you can reduce the house edge to as low as 0.5%. When you play your turn you need to decide whether to hit and receive another card or stand and end your turn. You need to aim to achieve a hand of closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust. It is important to understand the odds of going bust if you hit so that you can make an educated decision of how to play a hand. The odds of you going bust if you hit, are in correlation to how low your hand total is. If you hold a total hand value of 20 and you hit, the odds of you going bust are 92%. If you hold a total hand value of 12, the odds of you going bust if you hit are only 31%. It is generally recommended that you stand on a hand value of 16 or 17. If you hit on a hand value of 17, you have odds of 69% of going bust and if you stand on 16, the odds of you going bust are 62%.

Cannavaro: Capello Will Kick Terry Out

The 2010 FIFA World Cup can be John Terry’s last international performance with England. After several critiques noted Terry’s bad performances during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Italian player Fabio Cannavaro made an interesting comment regarding Terry’s position in the team.

“I think John Terry will not be in the list of players,” stated Cannavaro to the Daily Star. Cannavaro’s comment is not without base; he was playing under Capello’s coaching in Real Madrid and Juventus and he knows how Capello manage and coach a team very well.

As we all know, John Terry is considered the main source of problems for England in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He was the first player to ignite doubt towards Capello’s choice of tactics and strategies, and persuaded other players to question the head coach’s leadership. Terry apologized soon after, but the issue was too big to forget at the time.

Capello is also under heavy pressure to win the upcoming 2012 European Cup, so it is only natural that he wants to construct a solid and good-performing team. Rebellious players such as Terry and his close colleagues may not be listed as part of the team. On the other hand, great players who performed well and stayed cool under pressure, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole, is said to be in the team almost for certain.

Capello will have all the time he needs to construct a new, better, team for the 2012 European Cup. Will the Three Lions roar again soon?

Is USA Football Regaining Its Popularity

Football, also known as soccer in the United States, is not the most popular sports in the country. That may change real soon – in fact, it is already changing – especially now that more stars from all around the world are transferring to USA teams. After the spectacular transfer of David Beckham and a lot of other great names, Thierry Henry is adding the long list of multinational start players who decided to play in the US MLS.

The former Barcelona star may not be greeted as spectacularly as David Beckham when he made his transfer to LA Galaxy, but it is still an interesting move for both the US football fans and international football lovers. With Henry now playing for the New York Red Bulls, it is only a matter of time before more internationally-known players join the league.

Jen Chang, Soccer Editor at Sports Illustrated, stated that soccer may not be as popular as NFL, MLB and NBA; it is quite difficult to match the three most popular leagues in the United States from this point. However, it is not impossible at all to match NHL’s popularity and became one of the top 5 most popular sports in the US.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup also contributes to this interesting development. With top news stations including ESPN reportedly spent record-breaking amounts of money for exclusive coverage, plus the US national team placing in the World Cup, more and more people are appreciating the sport as part of the US culture.

Snow Fairy Win Irish Oaks

If you are following the latest updates from the world of UK horse racing, you will quickly notice Snow Fairy. This horse is showing amazing performances so far, winning the Oaks at Epsom with a shocking performance. Even owner Cristina Patino was gladly surprised about the victory. Snow Fairy’s spectacular performances don’t stop there, because she won the Darley Irish Oaks at the Curragh and continue her streak.

Jockey Ryan Moore was the one saddling the Snow Fairy to victory. It is obvious how instant and power-driven the responses given by Snow Fairy were when Moore asked her to step up the pace, because she quickly stormed the front and gained the lead. We are not talking about a small lead here; Snow Fairy won the race by nearly a furlong.

Another surprising performance of the race comes from Miss Jean Brodie, who finished second in the race. She was rated 33 to 1 by top sports bookmakers, but that didn’t stop here from finishing second after showing great pace and amazing stamina. Lady Lupus, a 66 to 1 shot, finished third in the race. She was in front of the pack when jockey O’Brien upped her pace at the turn to home, but Snow Fairy – who had been chasing the lead with strong steps – quickly gained the first place and separate from the pack.

Snow Fairy is definitely stronger compared to when she was racing in the Oaks at Epsom, and we can expect to see more of her in upcoming races.

Chandok to Miss the German Grand Prix

The German Formula 1 Grand Prix is just around the corner, with Hamilton leading the driver’s championship and McLaren leading the constructor’s championship. It will be an interesting race nonetheless, and a lot of intense actions are to be expected. However, Karun Chandhok – currently driving for Hispania Racing Team – will not be racing in the German Grand Prix.

Hispania is said to be having some financial difficulties, forcing them to prepare even better for the 2011 season. They have several drivers in the lineup, including Bruno Senna and reserve driver Sakon Yamamoto. Senna will be the one replacing Chandhok in the 2010 German Grand Prix, while Yamamoto is getting the chance to drive in the Formula 1 race.

The switch is part of Hispania Racing Team’s strategy to evaluate every driver in order to determine the best ones to place as starting lineup for the 2011 season. Aside from the three names mentioned earlier, we still have Christian Klien. Klien is former Jaguar and Red Bull driver. He drove two Friday practices in in place of Senna and Chandhok this season, and will certainly get the chance to drive at one or two Formula 1 races this season.

A lot of critiques are sounding pros and cons in regards of Hispania Racing Team’s strategy. Still the team and drivers are not really pursuing any championship points and have decided to use the season to prepare for their second season in 2011. We just going to have to wait and see if the strategy works out well for the team.

German MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa’s Dramatic Victory

Sachsenring presented a dramatic MotoGP race to all viewers and avid fans, with a lot of dramas and interesting happenings throughout the race. Lorenzo started the race from pole position, but he lost his place to Dani Pedrosa who maintained a steady performance all-round and bring home the grand prix’s trophy.

The race at Sachsenring was restarted and reduced to 21 laps after three riders crashed on lap nine. The crash was considered a shock, involving experienced Randy de Puniet, Aleix Espargaro and Alvaro Bautista.

After the race restarted, the distance between Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo was quite wide. There were no intense battles at the front row, but the battle between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner created a lot of dramas to entertain audiences. It is Rossi’s comeback race after six week of injury, and his fourth place finish can be considered quite spectacular nonetheless.

In the first race, Pedrosa quickly overtook Lorenzo right from the start, but the championship leader quickly regained his position and managed to shake off the Honda driver. On the second start, however, Pedrosa stayed close and managed to overtake Lorenzo with a nice move. Pedrosa held on to the lead and finished first.

Pedrosa’s victory also ended Lorenzo’s three-race winning streak. Lorenzo stated that he was happy with how the race went, and generously admitted how Pedrosa had better pace than him. Stoner also stated how he loved the race and the battle between him and the all-excited Rossi for third place.

Martin Jol for Fulham

There has been several rumors regarding the future manager of Fulham since the team’s manager Roy Hodgson was sacked. Among the names are Ivory Coast’s head coach Sven-Goran Eriksson. Martin Jol, currently managing Ajax FC, is also rumored to be the next manager of Fulham. The later seems to be more than just a rumor, because Jol is scheduled to meet Fulham officials just before the team departs for 10-day pre-season tour to Sweden.

It is almost certain that Martin Jol will be the next manager of Fulham, especially because reports are stating how intense talks between the two parties have been going on for quite a while. He is scheduled to be appointed manager officially next week (26/7) and will catch up with the team in Sweden.

The 54-year-old Ajax coach is one successful coach nonetheless, and will be a great boost to Fulham’s performances as a team. Ajax, under Jol’s management, successfully accomplished a lot of things including securing a spot in next year’s UEFA Champions League.

Whether Martin Jol will officially be Fulham’s new manager is something we still need to wait and see, but other names approached to be the next manager of Fulham are already ruling themselves out through statements and current engagements. United States coach Bob Bradley is among the names mentioned in a lot of rumors, although Bradley has confirmed that he will remain as head coach for the United States team. Switzerland’s Ottmar Hitzfeld is also linked to Fulham’s search for new manager, but he ditched the rumor with a strong statement earlier this month.